Propeller shaft damage

A recent survey of a modern production motor cruiser revealed some significant deterioration to the propeller shaft caused by galvanic action between the shaft and a stainless steel rope cutter. One often assumes ones shaft to be of stainless steel, but other grades of steel are commonly used which although offer better torque resistance can … Read more >

Through Hull Fittings

During an inspection of a well-built, ocean cruising vessel, the following defective through hull fittings were noted. See report extract below. On examination of the gate valves for the cockpit drains, it was noted that the valve to port was exhibiting some evidence of corrosion. During operation of these units I noted the handles were … Read more >

Diesel leak

During a recent engine room examination I noted the premature deterioration of a fairly new looking engine mount. On further examination of the engine space and fuel system the reason became apparent. See survey extract below. “On examination of the fuel system, a section of armoured hose leading from the fuel return to the secondary … Read more >

Gas Alert!

I was very concerned to find this retro-fitted, obsolete gas fitting on a recent survey of a Westerly 33 Ketch. (See photo) The fitting had originally been plumbed to a gas fired heater which had subsequently been removed however, the feed pipe and associated valve had not been removed or adequately capped off in any … Read more >

LED lighting upgrade

I used these Festoon style LED bulbs throughout my boat and managed to reduce the lighting power consumption to 1/10th of the consumption used by the old filament bulbs. Although there is still a small difference in lustre I found this to be a very acceptable solution to on board lighting. These bulbs are designed … Read more >

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