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Marine Surveys

Pre-Purchase Survey
This is a comprehensive survey commissioned by a buyer prior to a potential purchase. Any financial house involved will require a survey, as may the client’s insurance company when he/she comes to insure the vessel after the purchase. Read more >

Insurance Survey
This is a survey commissioned by the owner of a vessel when the insurer has requested a survey prior to renewal of an existing policy. Typically these surveys are required after the vessel is 20 years old and every 5 years thereafter, although this may vary depending on your insurer. Read more >

Damage Survey
Working on behalf of the owner, we are able to generate an independent report, detailing the full extent of damage sustained and repairs required to return the vessel to its pre-damaged condition. Read more >

Acceptance Survey
This is a comprehensive inspection of a new vessel carried out on behalf of her eventual owner, usually involving sea trials. Read more >

Limited Scope Survey
There will be occasions when a full survey report isn’t required and only part of the boat needs to be inspected. This is called a limited scope survey and whilst less expensive than a full survey the client must understand its limitations. It may well be that the extent of the survey is not enough to support an insurance application and further work will have to be done at a later date and at further expense should this be required. Read more >

MCA Tonnage Measurement Surveys
A Tonnage Measurement certificate is a prerequisite for any vessel applying for part 1 British registration. Through our association with the YDSA, our qualified surveyor is able to undertake these measurement surveys on all vessels under 24m overall length.Read more >

Other Services

Build/Refit Management 
Commissioning a new build, or embarking on a large refit project is an exciting but often intimidating adventure. This may well be the second largest investment of your life and careful planning and understanding is vital to the success of your completed project. Read more >

A valuation may be desirable for any one of a number of reasons, purchase, sale, mortgage, insurance, and so on. Read more >

Osmosis Checks & Overseeing of Remedial Work
Using specialist equipment, we are able to measure moisture levels within the hull laminate. Contrary to popular belief, in isolation, high moisture content is not cause for immediate concern but can be a precursor to future moisture related defects. Read more >

Maintenance Inspection of Managed Yachts 
Is a professional crew or yard maintaining your yacht? Are you satisfied that your employees are undertaking regular maintenance in a timely manner? We have seen many beautifully maintained yachts and frequently, professional crew are doing their jobs to the very best of their ability within the constraints of budget, owner usage and charter. Read more >

Yacht Deliveries
In my former career as a professional charter yacht captain, I was responsible for the running, maintenance and delivery of the yachts I managed. These vessels ranged from the prototype Johnstone 53, later to become the J-160, a performance ocean racer, to a high end, new build Swan 82. I have delivered these yachts all over the world and during this time have accrued over 150,000 miles of experience as Captain. Read more >


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