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Insurance Survey

This is a survey commissioned by the owner of a vessel when the insurer has requested a survey prior to renewal of an existing policy. Typically these surveys are required after the vessel is 20 years old and every 5 years thereafter, although this may vary depending on your insurer.

Although Insurance Surveys are less in depth than a full pre-purchase survey, for an owner they can offer peace of mind with regard to the safety of their vessel. On occasion we find defects that may not be known and can offer remedial advice on how best to bring the vessel back to an insurable condition to ensure her safety and that of her crew.

Insurance Surveys need to be carried out with the vessel on dry land to enable us to fully test and inspect through hull fittings and to ensure the integrity of the hull, keel/s and rudder/s below the water line. There is no need for us to revisit the vessel afloat unless desired by her owner.

We recognize that Insurance Surveys can be an onerous task and an undesirable expense, especially for owners who may have owned their vessels for many years and maintained them to the highest standards. We give accurate and fair appraisals, clearly outlining issues of concern, but have no interest in generating lists of minor defects inappropriate to the scope of this survey. In this way we are able to keep expense to a minimum and get you back afloat, cruising budget intact.

On completion of the survey we are happy to verbally discuss any findings prior to the generation of the report, either in person or on the phone. We will then follow up with the completed report within 3 days. Finally, we are available to discuss issues raised in the report on which you may want further clarification.

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