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Limited Scope Survey

There will be occasions when a full survey report isn’t required and only part of the boat needs to be inspected. This is called a limited scope survey and whilst less expensive than a full survey the client must understand its limitations. It may well be that the extent of the survey is not enough to support an insurance application and further work will have to be done at a later date and at further expense should this be required.

Examples of Limited Scope Surveys are as follows:

  • A boat has been damaged in a collision. After repairs are complete the owner wants to check on the quality of the work. In this case various inspections of the hull and structure may need to be undertaken to look for defects specific to this type of damage. The rest of the vessel remains sound having already been surveyed prior to repair.
  • Following up after a surveyor has identified an issue during the course of a Pre-Purchase survey. This issue now warrants further specific investigation to determine the full extent of the issue outlined in the Pre-Purchase report and to determine the cost of repair.




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