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Pre-Purchase Survey

This is a comprehensive survey commissioned by a buyer prior to a potential purchase. Any financial house involved will require a survey, as may the client’s insurance company when he/she comes to insure the vessel after the purchase.


It is our aim to give you accurate, independent advice on the condition of the vessel in question. Although a broker may have recommended us, it is important to understand that we are working for you, our client, and would never mitigate a report to favour the completion of a sale, or to solicit repeat business from a broker.

A Pre-Purchase Survey covers a broad spectrum, from the integrity of the hull, deck and it’s structural members to the condition of fittings, fixtures and systems within. In addition we are able to offer advice on maintenance, service intervals and potential upgrades to suit your specific requirements.

It is important for us to gain as much information as possible from our clients prior to the survey so that we can understand your intended use for the vessel, in turn, this will enable us to tailor the report to you. This can be done in the form of a friendly, informal telephone conversation, or a more formal written exchange outlining specific items for investigation that can be incorporated into our contract.

The report will be a comprehensive document outlining areas that we feel need attention and advice on how best to remedy any faults we find. Many of these items will be of minor consequence and commonplace on boats over a certain age. Often, small repairs or “touch ups” can prevent further degradation and as such this is useful information to any potential buyer. Sometimes we find much more serious structural issues, perhaps unknown by the seller or broker, that require more urgent attention. Again we will outline the remedial work required, which can be used to obtain quotes for repair. Such issues almost always lead to a value adjustment and a re-negotiation between buyer and seller, or a decision to withdraw from the purchase altogether.

On completion of the survey we are happy to verbally discuss any findings prior to the generation of the report, either in person or on the phone. We will then follow up with the completed report within 3 days. Finally, we are available to discuss issues raised in the report on which you may want further clarification.

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