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Limitations of Survey

1. I have not inspected any GRP structures or any other parts of the vessel, which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible and I am, therefore, unable to report that any such part of the vessel is free from defect.

2. This is a confidential document and responsibility for the contents is only accepted by the undersigned to the above-mentioned client and his agents.

3. This survey report gives no guarantees against faulty design, bad workmanship, latent defect or suitability for the vessel for a particular purpose. It also gives no guarantee that the vessel complies with any European or MCA directives if applicable (unless otherwise specified herein).

4. None of the fastenings were drawn or removed for inspection unless specifically requested (unless otherwise specified herein).

5. My engine inspection does not include any stripping or compression testing.

6. Electrically operated pumps have been switched tested but no opinion is given in relation to their internal condition unless flow rate data can be provided.

7. The electrical installation is limited to a general appraisal of the condition of wiring and includes switch testing of circuits. No opinion is given in relation to the design of the system, (unless otherwise specified herein).

8. Fuel and water tanks have only been examined externally whilst in situ and no pressure testing or testing for contamination was carried out (unless otherwise specified herein).

9. No stripping out of the vessels fixed linings was carried out (unless otherwise specified herein).

10. The masts, spars and rigging were examined with the masts as found. As the masts were found stepped, only the lower parts of the masts and rigging will have been examined.

11. My examination of sails is limited to sampling the condition of the fabric, stitching and rope work. No opinion is given in relation to their shape and degree of stretch. Spinnakers and lightweight running sails are not included in my examination. Sails are only examined if they are aboard at the time of the survey and laying them out will depend upon weather conditions.

12. The anchor chain is only partially removed for inspection unless it is specifically requested that the whole length should be flaked out. No opinion is given as to the chains compatibility with the associated windlass gypsy, if fitted.

13. Although the service dates of life saving equipment present at the time of the survey is noted in this report, my examination does not extend to an assessment of condition, or the condition of tenders and other movable items.


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